Let me introduce myself….

Good morning 🌞
I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself, although some of you here already know who I am but may only know one or two parts of me🤷🏽‍♀️

Some of you may know me as Tucker and Tripp’s mom, yep I’m a #boymom and that’s probably the most badass thing in the world! Those boys keep me in my toes, are always doing something, they fart, burp, smell like wet dogs and dirt most of the time, make me crazy to where “I’m gonna lose my shit!”, but then turn around the next moment and tell me they love me and hug me like they never have before.

Others may know me as Wes’ wife, I’m a pretty lucky gal in that area ❤️ if I do say so myself. Getting to do life with one of the hardest working guys I know, someone who takes me on these adventures I love and puts up with all my crazy shenanigans. Like I said…. lucky gal!

Some of you know me as a Blackbelt and a BJJ blue belt all from the best martial arts school on the planet Matthews Martial Arts Midland. It’s a place I call my home and I can’t imagine life without my ninja family. This place provides so much more than just physical training. We always say #somuchmorethankickingandpunching and it’s true! Martial arts parallels so much with life, and you can take the lessons from either and apply it to the other.

Some of you know me as the girl that likes anything health and fitness related. I love to workout. I love the way it feels to be fit and strong. I like the way I look when I’m that way. Plus I like to eat Mexican food and drink beer (Dos XX more specifically) but most probably already knew that😉🍻 so it’s also a great balance for me. Yeah yeah…I know you can’t outwork a bad diet, but I typically live by the 80/20 rule, so, I’m good.

Some know I LOVE the outdoors, nature, animals, the water, the sunshine, even the rain. I love being able to come to the ranch and go to the lake. I love hunting, fishing, boating, shooting, gardening, relaxing. You name it, I probably like it….it’s my escape, one of my many happy places.

Most importantly, everyone should know that I am just unapologetically ME…. I have purple hair for goodness sake. I’m not fake, I don’t lie, I’m a loyal friend, I’ll give anyone a chance, but I won’t be taken for granted or be made to look stupid. I have flaws, I mess up, I overthink, I get knocked down, but I don’t stay there….I get my ass back up! I live on coffee and wine, sometimes drink too much (remember the Dos XX comment⬆️), cuss too much, say things at the wrong times, even voice my opinion when I don’t need to. But I also learn from those times, readjust, and move forward.

At the end of the day, that’s me, and it may sound like bragging, but I live a pretty badass life! And if you do too, brag away! Wear it as your badge. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me as I look forward to getting to know you. Want to know more? Ask me? And go on these adventures with me, that’s the real way to see what I’m about.

Hope you have a great day 😊 (I love emojis too BTW) Til next time…


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