Unapologetically You!

This just spoke to me yesterday.  So in order to share where my mind’s at today I posted it in a couple of the FB groups I’m in.  One being our Lady Warrior Group, led by the fabulous Sigung (one of our most honorable instructors) Monica Morse. Now she’s not only the creator of LWs but also the woman behind Ponytail Nation, which you should go check out.

So we always, for a couple of years now, post a  weekly #WarriorWednesday post.  Something that inspires us and others to be the best we can, what helps to channel that inner warrior that we all have but sometimes have a hard time bringing to the surface.  It’s our mid week personal development.  It’s the push you may need to finish out the week on the strong side. But what is being a warrior, being unapologetically yourself?  It’s everything in this picture plus so much more. 

It’s following your dreams no matter how simple or extravagant they may seem, they’re yours and no one can take that away from you.  This….what you’re reading is a dream of mine.  The “Be Your Own Wonder Woman” is a dream of mine.  Bringing the things I love to the world is a dream of mine.  Go after what you dream about, NO MATTER WHAT!  There’s never a better time than now to do that, trust me (that was one of my biggest struggles).  Ask for help, get a mentor, a coach, whatever you need to, remember the mentioning of Ponytail Nation☝️, she can most definitely help in these areas. But just go ahead and do it!

It’s fighting for your family and investing in the relationships in your life. These are the people you need the most.  These are the people that will either help make you or bring you down, so invest wisely.  Family isn’t always blood either.  Don’t get me wrong I love my family, but I also love those people who are friends that have become family.  The people that will also go to battle with and for me without an ounce of hesitation.  Don’t waste your time on those who don’t help with your peace, who don’t want to see you grow, or even help you grow….these are not your people.

It’s also fighting for what you believe in.  Your morals, your character, the things that make you who you are on a deeper level.  People see the outer shell, but what do you believe in deep down that no one can take away from you? That, that’s what you fight for!

Warrior up and take care of YOU! Take care of your body. Exercise, eat well, drink your water and occasionally drink the beer and have the piece of cake.  Take care of your mental and spiritual well being.  Does it bring you peace or stress you out?  Keep the things that make you happy and toss that stuff that stresses you out! How much do you laugh? I mean really belly laugh?  They say it’s the best medicine 😉  How often do you let yourself feel, let the true emotions come out?  Or do you hide them because “that’s not what you’re supposed to feel in that moment?”  I encourage you to feel deeper and express how you feel in a healthy way.  Don’t quit on your heart, follow it.  Love more deeply, no matter what your loving…..people, places, things, feelings, whatever, just do it with your whole heart.

For the love of all things, STOP beating yourself up!  This one may be one of the hardest because we are our own worst critics.  But STOP. You’re going to have hard days, you’re going to fail, you’re going to stumble, make mistakes, BUT you are also going to get the hell back up and dust yourself off an try again.  You’re going to push yourself to be better and learn from what knocked you on your ass, what made that go wrong, and what’s going to make you stronger because of it.  You’re not going to settle for anything less than what you know you’re deserving of.

Tap into your creativity and live your life with enthusiasm.  This is an important one too.  What are you doing that’s creative?  We all have creativity within us….I think it goes with the dreams you have for yourself, but how are you using it? How are you working them together? What’s your “thing”? What makes you the badass among everyone else.  Find it, channel it, use it and be intentional with it!  Be grateful to do it every time you do.

Lastly, ALWAYS just be you!  Whatever that looks like.  We’re all different for a reason.  God created us that way to add variety to the world.  Think about what He’s created, not one thing the same, not two trees, animals, landscapes, blades of grass…..so why would He do that with us?  Don’t try to be someone else.  The world wants to see you, the real you, not the Facebook or Instagram you, but you!  Show the world who you are and never apologize for it.  Show us your warrior side, your badass side, your “you” side!

These are just a small piece of what #WarriorWednesday is about. I hope this encourages you today ! Til next time……

Be Your Own Wonder Woman,


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