Exercise for the Badass!

What does that even look like….working out like a badass?? Well for everyone it’s different. Some like the gym, whether it be a small one, one with just machines and weights, or somewhere with tons of classes to choose from, others like at home videos, ones you just follow along with then you’re done, you don’t even have to get out of your pj’s. Some use apps, personal trainers, streaming, the list can go on and on with options. I’ve tried just about everything, and honestly what I used to do, and what works “post-corona” looks a little different. I used to LOVE going the gym in the early morning….like 5:30 early!! But life happened, surgeries were done, Covid came and life shifted a bit, and so did my preferences. I still LOVE my gym, because Basin CrossFit is BEST place to get coaching, functional training and has a community full of great people, and even though I chose to stick with the online option after things started to open up, I STILL get all that. I don’t know about other places, and maybe they do, but when things in real life change to online, but you still feel the same quality, you know it’s a good place!

But back to my point….I know, I took the long way around 😉 but training like a badass??? I took that idea of online and at home and amped it up a little. Now I can’t take total credit for the “live via Zoom” thing because that’s what we did during the quarantine with karate and cross-fit, but I’ve seem lots posts and comments lately on how people “just won’t work out at home” and “I can’t just watch the video”, so I came up with “Yoga Where You Are” and most recently “Focused Fitness”. Now these things are something I’m actually pretty proud of. It gives you the best of BOTH. worlds It’s at home, so there’s that PJs thing again, plus it’s LIVE, not just popping in a DVD (is that even still a thing?) and following along. And that totally may work for some, so no disrespect to those or the people that do them! I just wanted a more interactive way because that’s what I like and need. The whole I see you, you see me, you get a workout and the motivation from me in forms of high energy music and maybe some yelling…LOL, in a positive way. Aaaaand its a do it wherever you are kinda thing! Leaving town? No problem, you’ll totally gonna have your phone, and as long as you have a cell signal you’re golden. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Check out the additional details below.

Need some Yoga in your life? It’s so great, and I don’t just say that because I teach it, it really is! Stretching, relaxing, rebooting the body, and mind. What’s better than that? Now don’t worry…..it’s not what I would call “traditional” yoga, we don’t chant or anything like that, it’s just focusing on getting a good, intentional stretch, not that quick thing you do before or after a workout. We’re all guilty of it.

So click on the pic for more details and to get registered.

And for the Focused Fitness. We take one section of the body and work it the entire month. Now, I know what you’re thinking….”isn’t total body better?” “more muscles used more calories burned?” Yes….those are true, but I didn’t say we weren’t working other things, we’re just “focusing” on one part at a time 🙂 So click on the picture for even more details and registration information.

Hope to see you soon! Til next time…..


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