It’s the little things….

This is one of my favorite Facebook pages and sites… inspirational, uplifting, bright. I share a lot of her stuff on my personal page, and you may have seen it in BYOWW as well. This one particularly stuck out to me though. We all know the world’s been a whirlwind of a place to muster through the past few months. It’s most certainly affected everyone in a different way, but I have in fact seen a common thread. Something that some friends and I were discussing last night. Now obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, like I said, everyone was affected differently, but it was definitely something that I did witness a lot of……a reset. What do I mean “a reset”? Remember when the quarantine began, everyone was a little unsure of what was to come, that is something that I could almost guarantee went through everyone’s mind, but then a couple of weeks went by and many started to embrace the “new world”, find ways to live in the new, adjusting to this new and living in a way that we hadn’t in a long time. Living for the little things! Living for things that we may have gotten comfortable doing, easily doing, and passed them off as a chore or even as just part of the everyday routine.

I saw people living for the moment, for THAT day, for that time. It was a time that people began to live intentionally, with a purpose. Some probably, hopefully, found their purpose. It was a time to reflect, to see what you’ve been doing and if that’s what really still serves you? I witnessed people living for those sunsets and sunrises, posting their pictures of the beautiful scenery that God created for us to enjoy….I participated in that one myself. There’s something so peaceful and relaxing about the hundreds of different color combinations that the sun coming or going can bring.

I watched people doing more with their families and kids, stuff we were “too busy” to do before. Not because we don’t love our people….duh🤦 of course we love them But because before we had been transformed into a society that glorified being busy. The busier the better. What else could we squeeze into the 24 available hours of everyday? I was 100% guilty of this! Bit I found that during this “reset” we were forced to slow down, transitioned to having our children home with all day because of school closures, unless you already homeschooled of course, then it wasn’t too different in that aspect. But even still, there were changes. Going for bike rides around the neighborhood, walking the dogs together, getting outside more, throwing the baseball in the backyard. It was almost something out of an old movie. You know, the old black and white ones? Love those 🤗

Although it seems like the world is in total chaos right now, there’s also still good out there. There’s still good people, situations, and events going on….but sometimes we just get focused on the wrong side of the coin. So let’s flip it. Let’s see the side that’s focused on these little things that make the world a wonderful place to be in. Find the silver lining. I honestly believe that there’s something good, even if it’s tiny, in every situation or something good will come out of it. So let’s live for the moment, and even if that particular one is a crappy one, it’s just one. All your moments don’t have to be that way, you have the power to change the moments!

In the words of Foo Fighters…..”It’s times like these we learn to live again.” I encourage you to give that a listen. Not only is it a good song, but I’m also a HUGE Foo fan😉

Til next time, just live that Badass Life and Be your own Wonder Woman!


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