Make it special!

Tripp Robert Riley

So we celebrated this guy’s 9th birthday this past weekend with a quick trip to Ruidoso, NM. We shopped, ate some pizza, walked the river, fished, and the boys did a little hiking! We struggled before hand what exactly we were going to do for his birthday since gatherings are still somewhat frowned upon. Typically we would have a party with friends, maybe go to see a movie but this year was different, but we still wanted to make it special! We tossed around ideas. We could go hang at the ranch or the lake, but we do that all the time, those are literally our homes away from Midland. So we decided to head west where the weather was cooler and the scenery included some mountains!

You would have thought we flew halfway across the world! These boys had a blast, when I honestly thought that this might be something they’d just be polite and go with the flow on, but they were genuinely excited about every little thing we did! Did we do anything extravagant?? Not really 🤷🏽‍♀️ But we made everything we did an adventure. The river fishing was a hit, with the boys being the only one who caught anything….. first time for trout fishing. Really cool experience.

So sometimes it’s not about the big circus of a party. Now, I’m not gonna lie and say is such a joy to put a birthday party together 😬 because most of the time it is so freaking stressful trying to make it special that I don’t get to enjoy the party itself. So really, being together, doing something new, trying new things….. that’s what made it special! Not the cake, although my Mom once again outdid herself, not the stuff, not the decorations, but the time together. So I hope next time you have an opportunity to make it special, you do.

Til next time…..

Continue to live that badass life and being your own Wonder Woman! Amber

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