Yoga….what is this you speak of??

So if you know anything about me, you know I am a certified yoga instructor working on building a thriving fitness/nutrition business that includes yoga, but what exactly is yoga?? I actually get that question a lot, and I really think that when I’m asking people to join a yoga class who have no or very little previous knowledge or experience with it, they feel awkward about doing it and potentially scares people off?? I say yoga and they instantly go to imaging handstands and pretzel twists….hahaha. Now, I’m not posting to start some in depth yoga debate, I’m simply writing what I feel it is to me, whether or not you think it’s right or wrong. So, moving on…..

Honestly, that question I don’t thing that question can be answered with just a single word or phrase. It’s more than just a pose, or a stretch, or breathing, or relaxation….it’s all or none of those things. It’s what you want out of it and what you need from it, and with SO many forms of it out there, trying to learn them all, figure out which one is “the best” or most beneficial, or even trying to pronounce some of them will take a lifetime to get done. I tend to teach my classes based on the fitness and simply moving the body side of the spectrum. Yes, we control our breathing, yes we get good, deep, intentional stretches, and yes we end the practice with a savasana (relaxation and quiet), and I end the session by saying “namaste`” (which is a whole other conversation in itself on the meaning of….so stay tuned for the follow up :))

I also am also very what I would call “non-traditional” when it comes to my class and how I lead it. We don’t chant or say “OMMMMM”, as some practices do, as stated before….nothing wrong with that, just not my cup of tea, which we don’t drink during practice either 😉 I don’t know enough yet about the Chakras to incorporate them, and even when I do learn more, I don’t really know if I will. I don’t use bells or bowls, and I don’t wear a traditional piece of clothing or head wrap as some Gurus do. Sometimes I add a “cardio” portion to get the heart really pumping, other times it’s slow, more controlled and we hold poses for several breaths. The next time we may move thru a good amount of different poses in a sequence, sometimes we sweat a ton and sometimes we don’t at all….it really just depends on the day and how your work your body that day.

Like I said earlier, my view of yoga is simply getting the body moving! What extras you get from practicing is just an added bonus. We as humans were designed to move no matter what that looks like, a sedentary lifestyle is NOT beneficial to the body or the mind and spirit for that matter. Another post on that later too. That being said, sometimes we don’t want to box jump, run, lift weights, jump rope, or whatever. Some days our knees, hips, back, neck, or shoulders feel like shit and you just want to slow it down a bit and work it out. Some days you just want to stretch it out. BUT YOU’RE MOVING! and that’s the key to keeping the body in the best state it can be. You’re getting those muscles fired up, lubricating those joints, and learning to breath in a way that helps your body move into those stretched positions without fighting them and benefiting the most from them.

So the next time I ask you to join me in my “yoga” class, don’t be intimidated. I’m very beginner friendly 🙂 Don’t say, “I’m not flexible enough to do that” or that “I don’t know any of those crazy poses”

No….that’s not me!!!

Most aren’t as crazy as you think, although I’ll throw one in there from time to time just for fun….lol! It’s not necessarily about flexibility, that comes with practice. Besides, I would say it’s more about mobility anyway….once again, just my opinion. And that’s why I’m here, that’s why I teach the class, so you can learn those poses and we do them together. I don’t just leave you to fend for yourself, I’m moving with you, demonstrating, telling you specifically as possible where your hands, feet, torso, head, etc. should be or move to.

So what do you say??? Give it a try! and let me know if there’s something you’d like to or need work on. If I don’t already know how, I’ll most certainly so my best learn how or what to do. That’s the growth of an instructor. You can click on the link to register below.

Yoga Where You Are registration link and additional details….

So, til next time……try a class, move the body daily, Be Your Own Wonder Woman, and continue to live that BADASS life!

Namaste` 😉


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