A little truth today!

Perfect timing for some truth! Thank you FB “memories”! and bear with me….

Yellow Belt! circa 8/2014

6 years ago I dove into my first belt test….holy smokes that seems like forever ago, what an amazing journey this has been and ready to see what the next 6 years bring.
But lets rewind say to the previous year.
Who was I? Honestly, I’m not real sure I knew.
I knew I was the obvious things, you know, a wife, a mom, a teacher, but I also felt “just” those things.
Now, I know, I can hear it now, “well those things are a blessing, you should be grateful, etc., etc.” Trust me….I am, I AM INCREDIBLY BLESSED, but hear me out too, I also know first hand that we can get stuck in this “rut” and think as women and moms that’s all we’re “destined to be” and I’m sorry, but I have to disagree, we are meant for this and SO much more!! We CAN DO so much more and still be the best at these things too. But, it’s up to you to decide what that is. It’s up to you to follow your passion and your dreams. Marriage and parenting shouldn’t stop you from at least trying!
So that’s what I did. I took a step, knew I had to do something for me, but what? So fast forward about 9 months, and I stepped into this place, Matthews Martial Arts Midland.
NEVER in my life would I have ever thought martial arts was for me, but hey, you don’t ever know til you try. I went in with the mindset of having a hobby, and doing something to get my body moving again, because I’ve always enjoyed working out and health stuff but never thought about something like this, and I could totally get on board with punching and kicking 😉
But that’s not JUST what it was…..holy shit it’s so much more!
This place, meaning the instructors, the students, the families, the art, everything about it…..
It’s helped me find me! It’s helped me follow passions. It’s led me to do things I honestly never would of thought I would do, especially now….like, uh earning a BLACKBELT….HELLO, how many 38 year olds (at the time) can say that they’ve done something like that?? It’s helped me be a better wife, parent, friend, and all around person.
I’ve gotten in shape from working out, which is a LOVE/HATE relationship…lol, sparring , drills, I’ve learned self defense, focused on nutrition, and found a love for teaching those things. I pursued and achieved my yoga certification, nutrition coaching certification, currently working on my PT certification and building a life around all of that that I absolutely LOVE!
So, who am I? I’m Amber! I’m my own wonder woman! A purple haired, ninja, yogi, crossfitting, fitness and nutrition instructor that’s living her absolute most badass life!!
AND YOU CAN TOO!! REACH OUT if you need help! THAT’S what I’m destined for, to teach, help, coach! I have tips and tricks that worked for me and stuff I’ve learned form others, I didn’t do it alone, are you kidding, that’s a huge task to take on yourself. That’s why you find “YOUR” people.
Who are they? When you find them, you’ll know. But taking the first step is, well, the first step!
Will today be the day you take the first step? Don’t wait any longer! Tomorrow may be too late, so at least try, start, get off your ass and do it!

Til next time….


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