Ever just “had enough”??

My dearest friend told me that I had that look of “I’ve had enough” the other day, it was in my eyes, she said. She’s a true empath and can honestly usually tell me what I’m going through before I can…lol! Sometimes it takes me a little while to realize how to process what and how I’m feeling, or more likely just don’t want to come to terms with that particular emotion at the moment, for me it’s sometimes easier to just let it slide and move on. But, I AM most certainly better than I used to be. Having and showing emotions were for those who had “no control” and “couldn’t deal” with life, but really, if you can’t show your emotions, process them and work through them, then in reality, that’s what’s really out of control.

So anyway, as usual, she was right 😉 I had already had a week, and it was only Wednesday. I had started the week off ripping the boys a new one for the same ole shit, Tuesday the washer line sprung a leak, and although clean the laundry room was on my “to-do” list for that day, that’s not exactly how I imagined it happening. Trying to juggle partnering back with Beachbody, getting people to love the nutritional products as much as I do, get the business side up and running, working on my other yoga/fitness business for the week, on top of my regular day to day stuff. WOW, I was overwhelmed and done. My brain couldn’t take anymore.
So yes, I believe I had had enough. But we ALL have days like that, right? and if you say you don’t, well…..respectfully, you’re probably not being totally honest with yourself. Everyday is not rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes is dark clouds and creepy crawlies.

But the key is NOT to stay there! Do whatever it is you have to do to get back on track, back to your normal. Give yourself a day or two (AT THE MOST) get your ass up and get back on that horse we call life. Write in your journal, sit on the porch and reflect, get away if you have to, talk to a friend, get advice on what to do, exercise, have a beer, go to the closet and cry, scream into a pillow….whatever YOU have to do. What did I do? I came to the ranch, BY MYSELF! Yep all alone, not even the husband 😉 It’s been glorious! I came Wednesday afternoon, the boys were going to their grandparents anyway, Wes will be here Friday sometime. So it was just me, the chickens, and the quiet. It’s exactly what I needed. And I’m better, and didn’t have to scream in a pillow….lol, which like I said, is totally ok to do! I’ve just done some reorganizing, planning, worked out, talked to the chickens, sad on the porch, listened to nature, adjusted some things, taken a nap, and I know that next week is going to be better.

So what do you do when you have days or weeks like that? When you’ve had enough? I’m really curious to know, and it may help someone else cope.

So til next time…..

Continue to be your own wonder woman,


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