You DESERVE this….

I love to help people. I really do, and I know that teaching and helping people is my true passion. I want to help people be the best versions of themselves, no matter what that looks like. I’m not just talking about physically either. I want people to feel good about themselves from the inside out. I want to help people see themselves the way others may see them. Those people who have an energy or personality that just makes you smile, but they may not see themselves that way. They look in the mirror and see something different.

Now, I would assume that this quote is talking about relationships, and while it’s true in that aspect too, when I read it, it hit me in a completely different way, more of a “the way we think of ourselves” and “how we tend to self sabatoge” tear ourselves down. Which if you think about it, it’s the relationship we have with ourselves. So I want to break it down a bit.

“Once you realize you deserve better.” You deserve better than the negative thoughts you are thinking about and saying to yourself. You deserve to talk to yourself the way you would anyone else you love. If you talked to your mama the way we talk to ourselves sometimes…..there’d be a wooden spoon broke over your ass in a heartbeat. You deserve how to learn how to tell yourself positive things, how to build yourself up and know that’s ok, and needed. You deserve better than the negative image you have of yourself when you see your reflection, and you deserve to learn to see yourself in a much more positive way, for the person you really are.

Once you start to do that and realize that you are much more than what you think of yourself sometimes, it’s true, “the fire in your heart will be lit” and furthermore ignite the fire in your soul! And when your soul is on fire, you can damn near do anything! You’re motivated, encouraged, proud, and it feels so good! You feel like there’s nothing in this world that you can’t handle, and that’s an incredibel feeling to have.

As it states, our stories come down to what we think we are worth. It’s true, the way we live our lives tends to revert back to how we think about ourselves. If we think we’re not good enough, see ourselves as average, not capable, whatever adjective you use, then we’re likely not to pursue our dreams, dream big, or even dream at all. We feel like all we can do is just make it through the day, do the mundane, and maybe we’re just stuck in a rut. We’re afraid to live our lives to the fullest for the fear of what could go wrong, and likely already set ourselves up to be disappointed anyway. But flip the coin. If we know what we’re worth, what we’re capable of, have that fire, don’t see ourselves as average, and everything else good we tell ourselves….then we’re not afraid to live, to take a chances, to dream big, fail, get back up, and dream some more.

So STOP settling for less than you deserve. STOP telling yourself you “can’t”. STOP telling yourself that you’re not good enough to do whatever it is you really want to do. Just STOP! Because you can!! You can do WHATEVER it is you want to do.

Want to get a better job? GET IT! Want your marriage to be better? MAKE IT! Want to lose weight? MAKE THE CHOICE! Want to live your life to it’s fullest? DO IT!! Why? Because you can, and because your DO deserve it! You deserve to live, to love yourself, and to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about it!

YOU DESERVE THIS! and it all starts with the decision to say you do!

Til next time…


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