Relaxing through the Chaos…

I was reminded of this when I was teaching yoga yesterday morning, as it came time for our savasana. You know, the relaxing nap😴you take at the end of a yoga class? Slowing everything down, breathing deep and not worrying about anything for a few moments of your day. You know, most everyone’s favorite part…lol! So as I’m talking the class through the guided relaxation, got the relaxing music playing, the class is killing it and beginning to wind down, it’s quiet, then bam, all of a sudden there comes a BUZZ💤, BANG💥, MOTOR SOUND⚙️ from outside the window! What the hell! Why? Because we had painters at the house and it was all sorts of quiet up until that moment. They couldn’t have been loud during down dog, pigeon, warrior flow? No, savasana it was.

As I began to freak out a bit,thinking it was going to just end the class early, nobody want to listen to that crap. I stopped, thought for a sec, and changed my mind instantly to not let it be over. I continued to talk them into relaxing, using the noise around us as motivation to continue to relax and enjoy the calming feeling they created. This in turn made me realize that if we can relax in a yoga class with all that going on, why can’t we do the same in everyday life? WE CAN!!! and we should! We often times get caught up in the abnormal chaos or noise around us, let it consume us, or control how are day is going to be. Why not “relax” through it? Talk yourself through it, breathe, just like the instructor does in a yoga class. And enjoy the peace you create.

There’s “noise” everywhere. Some we just naturally tune out. Things in everyday life, traffic, TV, kids😉, daily to dos, the normal stuff. But I’m talking about the chaos that blind sides you. The one similar to someone starting up a motor for an industrial paint sprayer during the calming music at the end of a yoga class. You don’t expect it, it’s not planned. Your washer springing a leak and flooding your laundry room. Your battery on your car dying making you late for work. The kids throwing the football in the house and breaking a lamp. Stuff like that!

You can’t let one thing ruin the rest or your entire day! Relax through it, breathe through it. Fix it and move on. It’s not the end all be all, it’s a moment and that moment may not can be changed, but the moments that follow can if we make the change immediately. We talk ourselves through it, tell ourselves it’s gonna be ok. It’s a setback, not an ending!

Do I struggle with this?? Absolutely! but that’s why I wanted to bring it to the forefront and acknowledge it. Who doesn’t struggle with some kind of chaos taking control? We’re human. But it’s what we do afterward that’s the key though. Do we A) get caught up in the whirlwind or B)do we learn and hopefully next time don’t let it. I hope we always pick answer B. I hope we always at least try to relax through it. I hope your able to calm your mind, readjust and keep going.

Til next time….


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